A sunny day in March

Today I participated in the CPC half marathon in The Hague. As I arrived at the starting area, I got a bit stressed because it was so full of people, so different from my own dear Finland. Imagine being in a forest where the trees walk, talk, are dressed in full color clothes! But then I noticed the faces, all happy faces. It was the earliest summer day ever in Holland, it was impossible to feel unhappy or be angry so all these people just smiled. They smiled inside and outside, they smiled inside-out.

It was a bit too warm and windy for a fast race, so I jogged easily in the beginning and just sticked to the pace which brought me to 1’10. Quite satisfied though, since I have not been able to train very regularly lately.

On the way back home I changed trains in Utrecht. A guy, looking like a junkie, asked me for 1,80 euros because he needed money for the train back to Amsterdam, he said. Of course, I know these guys, so in stead of refusing or giving him the requested money, I offered to buy him a ticket so he could give the three euros which he kept in his hand to me. Fuck, he thought (you could read it from his face). He sat down and scratched his chin. With disappointment all over his face he stared at the euros in his hand which he was going to loose. ‘Better give me money,’ he said after some time, ‘I also need the money for a sleeping place, you know.’ I couldn’t help laughing, of course he just wanted to buy alcohol or drugs but I don’t care because that’s his own responsibility, so I gave him the little cash that I could find from my pocket. ‘I’ll have to come up with a different trick next time,’ he said laughing, and waved me good bye.

That kind of day it was.

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