Es ist überall nichts in der Welt, ja überhaupt auch außer derselben zu denken möglich, was ohne Einschränkung für gut könnte gehalten werden, als allein ein guter Wille.

Was mich bewegt, das Kleine mit Spott und mit Ernst zu verfolgen?

Weil es das Kleine nur ist, welches das Groβe verdrängt.



Thijs Feuth was born on October 8th, 1981 in Nijmegen, The Netherlands. He grew up in Nijmegen and later in Balgoij as the second of six children. In 2008 he earned his Medical Degree at the University of Amsterdam, which was followed by a Philosophers Degree at the Utrecht University, Diploma in Tropical Medicine and Hygiene at London School of Hygiene and Tropical Medicine and a specialist degree in Lung diseases and Allergology at Turku University. Presently, he works at Turku University Hospital, where he’s also involved with research in respiratory infections (tuberculosis, pneumococcal infections and covid-19) besides clinical work as a specialist in Lung diseases.

As a long distance runner, Feuth competes at the national level in The Netherlands as well as in Finland, with a personal best of 2:23 on the full marathon and medals in Dutch marathon championships (2008) and Finnish national championships (2015 and 2016). He approaches running with a back-to-the-basics philosophy, which he calls ‘no-nonsense running’.

His debut novel ‘Zwarte Ogen’ (Black Eyes) was published in October 2015 and his autobiographic essay ‘Achter de rug van God’ (Behind God’s Back) was published in June 2017 (publishing house De Arbeiderspers in The Netherlands). His novel ‘Kafka is dood’ (Kafka is dead) was published in August 2020.

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Biography (in Dutch):

Lees hier het biografisch interview door schrijver Arjan Visser (2009)

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